Precision Tree Removal

Whether you are in need of selective tree removal, right of way clearing, or a large amount of acreage cleared. Our Caterpillar Feller Buncher makes the process fast and clean. The feller bunch can cut a 24” diameter tree in a single pass and lay the tree down with precision. This precision allows Brewster to work around obstacles safely and efficiently. Accompanied by our Caterpillar 535 Skidder, we move large amounts of wood rapidly to a landing where they are ground into mulch for disposal. The two of these machines working in tandem have the capability to clear a project faster than more conventual clearing methods.

Onsite Tree Grinding

Our state of the art Vermeer Grinder is capable of grinding large amounts of wood waste per hour. The Vermeer HG8000 is one of the largest grinders in the industry making Brewster more efficient and cost effective. Whether you are a municipality, contractor or private owner that needs to dispose of a large pile of wood waste in a cost effective, environmentally friendly method call Brewster for a free quote on your grinding project. We have the capability to haul away the grindings off site and dispose of them properly.

Our Land Clearing Services Include:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Grinding (and haul off if needed)
  • Land Clearing
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Brush Clearing
  • Selective Clearing